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Embark on a journey through the stunning landscape of Scotland with Tee Off Tours, where we understand that the transportation you choose is as vital as the golf you play.

Our recommendation? Opt for a coach and driver or a helicopter and pilot to navigate these picturesque regions efficiently and without the worry of getting lost. Scotland, though compact, demands expert navigation!

At Tee Off Tours, we prioritise the transportation experience, recognizing it as a crucial element of any golf trip. Our coach and driver service is unparalleled, ensuring you traverse each day in sheer luxury. Imagine leather seats, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and a WC—all considered essential amenities to elevate your golf journey. We provide drinks, playing cards, and other comforts to make your travel as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Our elite drivers, carefully selected and dedicated to groups, bring years of experience to the forefront. With Tee Off Tours, expect a luxurious fleet and the industry’s best drivers, ensuring your journey is not just a commute but a seamless part of your overall golfing experience.

Mercedes Veto

This vehicle is perfect for smaller groups (up to 6x adults), offering the luxury of smooth travel down country roads. These vehicles prioritise passenger comfort and luggage capacity, ensuring a delightful journey,

Mercedes Sprinter

These vehicles are crafted for groups seeking VIP treatment. Handcrafted leather seats provide superior comfort, ample legroom, and a luxurious interior for an exquisite travel experience.

  • Up to 12 golfers
  • Full leather seats
  • Full air conditioning
  • Refrigerator



For those seeking the epitome of speed and spectacular views, our helicopters provide a swift and scenic mode of transportation. Offering an 80% time-saving advantage over road travel, charter a single or twin-engine machine for an unparalleled journey.

At Tee Off Tours, we ensure your travel is not just a means to an end but an integral part of the luxurious, professional, and unforgettable golf experience we pride ourselves on delivering.

The fleet of helicopter we are able to offer includes:

  • Eurocopter AS355: Capable of carrying 4 passengers and clubs / luggage.
  • Eurocopter EC135s: Capable of carrying 6 passengers and clubs / luggage
  • Eurocopter AS365: Capable of carrying 8 passengers and clubs or luggage

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